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Solar Heating For Swimming Pools

How does solar heating for pools work?

Simply put, solar power works by converting free sunlight into usable energy. Many people, when imagining solar energy, picture large photovoltaic arrays generating electricity for homes, businesses and communities. Although these photovoltaic systems play an important part in the renewable energy spectrum, they are not nearly as efficient as solar thermal systems used for pool and water heating. In fact solar pool heating is the single most cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

While photovoltaic systems convert the sun’s light into usable energy, solar thermal systems generate energy by capturing and amplifying the sun’s heat. Have you ever turned on a garden hose left in the sun and felt warm or hot water pouring out? That’s solar thermal water heating at its most basic level.

Solar Solutions uses the power of solar energy to safely and inexpensively heat your pool to a temperature more comfortable for swimming–even during the crisp days of spring and fall.

We’re flexible.

Pitched shingle roofs, flat roofs, tile roofs…any roof with the appropriate sun exposure is suitable for a Heliocol installation.
If the roof isn’t a viable option, Heliocol is easily installed on ground racks, patios or fences. Because of Heliocol’s patented gapless design, the system also allows for more square footage in a smaller area, exceeding other collector brands by as much as 15 percent.

We’re engineered for life.

Overmolded Header

Overmoulded header

Helliocol’s patented overmolded header ensures the strongest possible connection between tubing because the header is actually formed around each individual tube.
One-piece construction eliminates welds and allows the collector to expand and contract with temperature changes. The overmolded design also gives each individual tube full-flow access to the header, virtually eliminating backpressure and saving wear and tear on your pool pump.

Individual Tubes

Individual Tubes

Heliocol’s patented individual tube design resists lift, keeping the panels in place even in high winds. The open design also protects the roof surface from rain rot, allowing rapid moisture evaporation.

Panel Clamps

Individual Tubes

Heliocol’s patented panel clamps replace old-style rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement. These durable, specially-engineered clamps never require replacement, never need to be tightened and, unlike rubber hoses, will not degrade and stain your roof over time.
Panel clamps allow panels to be mounted closer together for a more attractive and more efficient system with no wasted space.

Pipe Connectors

Pipe connections

Heliocol’s CPVC pipe connectors provide more flexibility in installations. When a connection between panels is extended to accommodate obstructions on the roof, Heliocol’s pipe connectors work in conjunction with the panel clamps to provide a seamless, reliable coupling.



Heliocol is the most efficient solar pool heating system on the market, producing more heat per roof than any other system.
Part of Heliocol’s efficiency comes from its one of a kind individual tube design.
Not only do Heliocol’s individual tubes create more heat than other types of collectors, round tubes are the most efficient means of absorbing the sun’s energy. Heliocol’s patented individual tube design allows for maximum absorption of the sun’s heat all day long, unlike other panels which are most efficient only at solar noon.

Heliocol is also more efficient thanks to its flexible design and patented mounting system. Heliocol solar panels come in a wide variety of sizes and fit snugly on your rooftop, without unsightly gaps. With less wasted space, you can pack more power on every rooftop using Heliocol.
Make the most of your investment. With our solar heating system your pool can be used for eight months, or more, of the year. With our system and energy from the sun, you can use you pool August through May.
Solar heating is so affordable, yet the value of your house escalates with this feature installed. The installation takes less than one day. No mess, no fuss, no people walking through your house. No moisture build-up under collectors that could cause premature roof deterioration. Unique design virtually eliminates wind load. Collector is easy to install and operate.
12 Year guarantee (Most other companies only offer a 5 year or 10 Year)

How the System works?

Solar panels (made of durable and hard-wearing HDPE) are fitted to the roof. Water from the pool is channelled through the panels and is heated by the sun’s rays. The water is then returned to the pool by the existing pool pump. With such an efficient system temperatures between 22º C and 41º C are achieved. This system not only absorbs heat directly from the sun, but absorbs heat by conduction from your roof. In effect, the roof becomes part of the solar system.

Heat pumps for swimming pools

Why should you heat your pool?

Not only did you pay a lot of money to build your pool but it is also costing you a lot of money per month to maintain. The average pool owner in South Africa only uses his pool for 3 months of the year because the water is simply too cold the rest of the time. By using a heat pump you can now enjoy your pool all year round thus getting the most from your swimming pool investment. You and your family will experience hours of fun in the pool instead of around the pool.

Solar Solutions are stockist of Aquatemp Heat pumps and the ITS heat pumps for swimming pools.

The swimming pool heat pump is an extremely efficient, economical machine, designed specifically for pool heating. It is similar in operation to that of a typical residential air conditioning system. It is, in fact a heat pump employing a hermetic motor compressor in a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the ambient air and deliver it to the circulating pool water.
The heat pump concept is recognized as one of the most economic methods of swimming pool heating. Two types of energy sources are utilized to produce the required heat output, the heat from the ambient air and electrical power used to run the compressor. For every unit of electricity the heat pump uses, it produces 4 to 6 units of heat, extracted from the ambient air.
The efficiency of the heat pump is measured by the coefficient of performance (COP) – i.e. The ratio of energy output to energy input. This is dependent on the ambient air temperature and the temperature of the water of the swimming pool.
As with all swimming pool heating systems, you are advised to use a swimming pool cover when the pool is not in use. This will keep evaporation, the greatest heat loss to a minimum, and so reduce the overall pool heating costs and unwanted frustrations. If no cover is used, it is essential that the heat pump be oversized accordingly.


HEatpumps efficiency

1. Ultra high efficient Copeland Scroll compressor
2. Stainless steel outer casing, epoxy coated
3. Thermostatic expansion valve
4. Large evaporator coil
5. Weatherproof Ziehl fan
6. Double spiral Titanium tube heat exchanger (Water condenser)

The chemicals used to treat swimming pool water (i.e. chlorine and hydrochloric acid) can be extremely corrosive. The heat exchangers on all Aquatemp swimming pool heat pumps are manufactured from pure titanium tubing which will not be corroded by swimming pool water. Most other heaters use copper or cupro-nickel heat exchangers, both which will rapidly corrode in pool water.

In the case of heat pumps (a sealed refrigeration system) if water enters the water heat exchanger (usually due to corrosion), the entire heat pump is ruined. Once a leak has allowed all of the freon to bleed out (even if the heat pump is not running), the pool pump will produce enough pressure to force enough water into the heat exchanger and eventually into the compressor. Once water enters the system the copper tubing in the evaporator and the internal parts of the compressor will begin to corrode.

Only heat exchangers made from commercially pure titanium tubing are virtually immune to all chemical corrosion.

What are the benefits of heating a swimming pool with a heat pump?

For constant comfort. The heat pump has been designed to have an easy operation and unsurpassed reliability. The weather proof, neat and compact heat pump will bring you a level of continual comfort irrespective of cloudy weather conditions. It is a very efficient pool heater with user friendly controls that make it hassle free. Heat pump is a very economical and efficient system. It will heat your pool to your desired temperature.scing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Hayward controler 1

Solar Solutions stock the Hayward control system with dual digital display of pool water and solar collector temperatures plus full system diagnostic LED’s.
The controller Regulates temperature between solar panels and heat pumps/Automatically maximizes solar heat collection by actuating a 24V valve when there is solar heat available

• Digital display LED indicators show status of system operations
• Automatic switching (selectable) from solar pool heating to nocturnal pool cooling
• Single-setting adjustment for desired pool/spa temperature
• Recirculation freeze protection
• Installer-programmable features for any-system adaptability
• Quick, accurate, easy-to-set desired temperature controls
• Easy to read, understand and operate

  • Fully automate your solar pool heating system.
  • Differential temperature control with over and under temperature control and freeze protection.
  • A must of solar and heat pump hybrid systems
  • Standard 2 ½ ” port size with reducing bushes for 50mm piping.
  • Quick and easy installation with the precise control of water flow.


Hayward solar control2


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