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Most people think of ventilating a building or room only when they feel uncomfortably hot. Until they feel the discomfort caused by accumulated hot air, the idea of ventilation seldom occurs. There are other reasons for ventilating a building which are less prevalent.

A room or building needs ventilation for one or more of the following reasons:

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Trapped air accumulates heat
Trapped air becomes contaminated with toxic fumes, particles and odours
Trapped air becomes saturated with water vapours
Trapped air becomes depleted of oxygen causing stuffiness
Smoke and fumes from fire choke inhabitants and cause the fire to spread

The most cost effective form of ventilation would be a hole in the roof, as this would allow the air to escape naturally. However this is generally impractical as a hole will allow dust, rain etc. to enter the building. We have a unique solution for all your above ventilation problems, the BIGBIRD ventilator is the most economical solution for all your ventilation problems.

Benefits of Industrial Roof Ventilation Systems:

• Positive extraction removes heat, fumes, steam and dust
• Improves productivity
• Water and bird proof
• Human and environmentally friendly
• Improves indoor air quality
• Reduces structural damage
• Improves indoor air quality

These roof turbines use absolutely no electricity and perform efficiently in a wide variety of conditions.
A turbine ventilator provides a form of natural ventilation, moving air continually and causing trapped, stale air to be replaced with cleaner, cool air from outside. The turbine is a free-spinning roof ventilator, which uses a combination of wind energy and convection to facilitate air changes.

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Chimney Clamp

The Chimney Champ is actuated by convection (upwards pressure of rising heat through the chimney) and is also assisted by the wind to extract. The rotating dome of the Champ creates a positive reaction which extracts unwanted and irritable smoke through the chimney of braai areas and fireplaces. This reaction also causes the Chimney Champ to draw the fire which creates quick and efficient smokeless heat.
The unique and patent pending bearing system of the Chimney Champ has been tested to extract smoke of a temperature up to 250°C.

Benefits of the Chimney Champ Ventilation

• Extracts irritable smoke and odours
• Prevents down-draughts and rain entering the chimney.
• Creates quick and efficient heat by drawing the fire.
• Ensures a smokeless fire.

Chimney Champ Ventilation are suitable for:

  • Built-in Braai Areas.
  • Built-in fire places.
  • Chimneys of Jet master or similar products.
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