Solar Tubes

A revolutionary product that will brighten up any gloomy area

How it Works?

 Solar tube is the new technology in skylighting worldwide. The mirror aluminium tubing system combines ambient light with reflected light to give you high performance lighting up to 8 times that of a conventional skylight system.

Solar tubes sun tunnels 1

Dome: Hail resistant UV protection Toughened 4mm thick acrylic surface.

Aluminium Tubing: Highly Polished and Anodised Aluminium sheets imported from Europe. Very high quality tubing that has a mirror effect. Focuses 100% more light. Parabolic design collects and reflects the optimum light producing superior performance.

High Performance Tubing

Made from anodised aluminium for exceptional durability and reflectivity. It will not delaminate, yellow, darken, peel, blister, crack or oxidise. 25 year performance guarantee


Curved or Flat Prismatic Diffuser also available in Satin Matte finish.

Solar tubes Sun Tunnels 2
Solar tubes sun tunnels 2


Solar tubes sun tunnels 3

We use a specially designed universal adaptor to angle our tube into the sun. Because we do not live on the Equator, the sun does not pass us directly overhead. Instead it travels in an arc reaching its highest point in a Northerly direction. If your roof faces in a South, East or Western direction, chances are that your room doesn’t receive as much light. Because of our Tubular System, we can increase the initial surface area that catches sunlight to maximize the efficiency of the skylight.

  • 250mm lights up to 12 m2 – Suitable for bathrooms, toilets and small bedrooms
  • 320mm lights up to 20 m2 – Suitable for kitchens, dining rooms, passages and bedrooms
  • 450mm lights up to 30m2 – Suitable for lounges, open plan areas, offices.


• Cost and hassle reduced due to easy and quick installation.
• No roof structural change needed.
• The silver coating inside the tube intensifies and transmits light through, even in a long and bent tube situation.
• Can be installed in awkward places.
• Available in kit form or DIY with step by step manual instructions.
• Leak proof and maintenance free
• Light Performance: Tubelite – up to 9m²; Supertube- up to 12m²


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