Roof Windows

Bringing Daylight and fresh air into people’s spaces have been one core part of our business. Solar Solutions has contributed to create spaces with high quality and to increase the health and well-being of the occupants. A good indoor climate, with generous daylight levels and provision of fresh air from outside, is the key to making homes, offices, warehouses and schools etc healthy.

We call it Sustainable Living – and call for a holistic view that takes energy efficiency, healthy indoor climate and the use of renewable energy into account. The positive health effect of light, in this case of sunlight is tremendous.

Installing a roof window also provides fresh air and ventilation. The purpose of ventilation is to freshen up the air inside buildings in order to achieve and maintain good air quality and thermal comfort. Installing roof windows in your home creates a link to nature.

Top-operated centre-pivot pine roof window GZL 1050

Product description

• High quality natural pinewood coated with impregnation and layers of clear water-based acrylic lacquer
• Top control bar for easy operation even with furniture under the window
• Integrated ventilation in top control bar and cleanable dust and insect filter
• Maintenance-free exterior covers

Roof pitch

• Can be installed in roof pitches between 15° and 90°


• Laminated pinewood
• Float glass (inner glass pane)
• Toughened glass (outer glass pane)
• Lacquered aluminium

New generation!
Insulate your roof with daylight and fresh air

Roof Windows 1
Roof Windows 2
Roof Windows 3

Get more daylight Daylight is good for both body and mind, and the more of it we get, the healthier we are. The design of the new VELUX roof window allows more daylight into the room.

Use less energy The world is waking up to the costs of high energy consumption. By using the forces of nature to provide indoor comfort, the new VELUX roof window lowers energy bills and CO2 emissions.

Get more comfort A comfortable home is one that provides lots of fresh air, natural daylight, pleasant temperatures, security and peace of mind. The new VELUX roof window does all that and more.

Roof Windows 4

Energy efficiency Insulated, low-energy panes reduce heat loss through the window Transparent awning blinds reduce passive heating by up to 90% VELUX blackout, energy and duo blinds provide additional insulation from the cold Roller shutters offer excellent heat protection, as well as insulation from the cold Ventilate for a set period of time to minimise heat loss with VELUX INTEGRA® control pad

Control options Electric or solar powered products come with a remote control for extra convenience Solar powered products require no wiring Manage all of your home’s motorised VELUX INTEGRA® products in one place – and from anywhere in the house – with VELUX INTEGRA® control pad All VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows come with a rain sensor that automatically closes the window at the first drop of rain

Sunscreening VELUX blackout blinds provide 100% darkness anytime Combine pleated blinds with blackout blinds for total light control, decoration and privacy Exterior awning blinds block the sun’s rays before they hit the pane

Ventilation The unique, integrated ventilation flap allows fresh air to circulate even when your window is closed Schedule set ventilation times each day with the VELUX INTEGRA® control pad VELUX roof windows can be opened even when your blinds or insect screens are in use

VELUX windows can dramatically change a room. They’re the fastest way to add natural light, ventilation and the feeling of openness to your under roof spaces. The impact in terms of daylight and fresh air, not to mention the view, is stunning.

Please contact us for the sizes that are available in South Africa.
Imports from Denmark can take up to 5 months

oof Windows 5

Solar Solutions are also stockist of a more affordable aluminium roof window

Standard Sizes available

• 600 x 900
• 600 x 1200
• 600 x 1500
• 600 x 1800
• 900 x 900
• 900 x 1200
• 900 x 1500
• 900 x 1800

Solar Solutions roof windows are available as opening units (for both light and ventilation) and as non-opening units for light deprived areas in your home.
We can manufacture different sizes to custom suit your needs.

Opening Options

We offer various opening options if you are looking for Automated Roof Windows we can accommodate that.

Cat Winder Opener

Roof Windows 6

The Cat Winder opener opens to a maximum height of 250mm. The roof window can be opened from a minimum of 0mm to a maximum of 280mm. The Cat Winder is chain operated

Spindle Opener

Roof Windows 7

The Spindle open roof window opens to a maximum height of 250mm. The roof window can be opened from a minimum of 0mm to a maximum of 250mm

Folding Opener

Roof Windows 8

The folding open roof window opens to a maximum height of 200mm. The roof window is either opened or closed

Electric Motor

Roof Windows 8

The Electric opening roof window opens to a maximum height of 350mm. The motor can be operated via a switch or one of the automated options. Like the Cat Winder the motor is chain operated.


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